China cargo inspection service

China cargo inspection service

Product Inspection Categories: Small appliances, lighting, toys, stationery, ceramics, clothing, furniture, bags. We have skilled professionals with extensive experience in quality control and inspection skills for these product categories.

Product Inspection:

Sampling Inspection: Experienced professionals with five years of foreign trade product inspection experience handle this process, ensuring a comprehensive and detailed examination. In-process quality control (order monitoring) is implemented to control raw materials, production environment, and various process defects from the source, avoiding unnecessary waste for factories and buyers and ensuring timely delivery with guaranteed quality. Full inspection is also available upon request. Timely, comprehensive, and accurate reports, statements, and photos are provided to clients, ensuring utmost diligence and responsibility.

Container Supervision: We ensure the accurate quantity of products loaded into containers and confirm that the products in the containers have been inspected. Digital photos are provided to illustrate the container-loading process, container number, lock number, license plate number, and other details.

Our Company Pledge:

Fairness, truthfulness, professionalism, efficiency, and strict confidentiality with top-notch service.
Accurate and comprehensive inspection of product appearance, functionality, packaging, and relevant testing to help you avoid receiving defective items. Our professional inspectors ensure the highest quality standards.
Reasonable prices to minimize your travel expenses and other miscellaneous costs for self-inspection.

(Note: Some terms, such as “order monitoring” and “container supervision,” might have specific industry jargon or different names in various contexts. Please verify these terms based on your specific industry or business.)

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