Asia Inspection Service

Asia Inspection Service

The company mainly inspects products such as plastic products, toys, handbags, clothing, footwear, and daily groceries.

Full Inspection Procedure: Following the customer’s requirements, the inspection team travels to the designated production factory to conduct a 100% inspection of the products according to the inspection criteria. After inspection, the approved products are packed by factory personnel following the packaging specifications. The QC supervisor overseeing the inspection process confirms the packaging. If there are no issues, the packaging is sealed and stamped with the “Qualified” seal on the outer carton. Any defective products are returned to the factory for rework and re-inspection until they meet the required standard. Unrepairable items are scrapped by the factory.

Inspection Process:

The customer confirms the inspection standards and communicates them to both the inspection company and the factory to ensure unified standards for all parties.
The inspection date and personnel are confirmed.
Inspection personnel are dispatched to the designated factory for inspection.
In case of disputes with the factory during the inspection, prompt feedback is provided to the customer for confirmation.
Daily inspection reports are generated and relevant pictures are emailed to the client.
After the inspection is completed, the shipment is carried out.
Inspection fees are paid.
Feedback on product quality is confirmed with the client.

If any abnormal issues are discovered during the inspection process, they are promptly addressed on-site. A thorough investigation of the causes is conducted, countermeasures are developed, and implementation is carried out to minimize losses and ensure the interests of both the customer and the production factory.

Based on the quantity of orders and inspection time, the number of inspection personnel is determined. They arrive at the designated factory at the specified time provided by the customer. The factory provides a place for the inspection. Following the inspection standard, 100% of the products are inspected. After the full inspection, approved products are either packed by the factory personnel under the supervision of the inspection QC, or the inspection company’s personnel handle the packaging. The outer cartons of defect-free products are sealed and stamped with the “Qualified” seal.

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